Neutral Look Using Adorned With Grace, Coastal Scents and Lumiere

I am on a neutral streak nowadays, probably because of the weather and season. I decided to use the colors that I have not been using recently, and boy, do I love shopping my stash. I will be featuring more colors that have been languishing in the drawers of my makeup dresser, and I vow to give them more love this year.

For my all-over lid color, I used Beautiful Girl's Twilight mineral shadow foiled, then added a sheer wash of light milky color on top using Coastal Scents' 28 Neutral Palette. For the crease and outer V, I found this eyeshadow sample baggie in my stash from Adorned With Grace that is labeled "Golden Brown". It's a beautiful slightly metallic goldish brown, and I believe it was re-named Marvelous. It is only upon searching my blog that I realized that I do have a full-size jar of this.

Here's how it looks like when packed on the skin:

I used Marvelous on the crease blended with medium and dark browns from the 28 Neutral Palette. I lined my eyes using Indelible gel liner in Black Cherry. I lined waterline and tightline using UD 24/7 in Zero. I highlighted browbone using MAC Rose Blanc eyeshadow.

I used Earthen Glow Minerals' mineral foundation in Yuan Yuan, topped with Silk Naturals' Date Bait finishing powder. For the cheeks, I used Earthen Glow Minerals' Medium Naples mineral blush. For the lips, I lined using Jordana lipliner in Nutmeg, lightly filling in the entire lip area, then I added Lumiere's Lumi Lips lipgloss in Ooh-La-La. I have several of these glosses and I really love Holy Grail and Full Of Grace, but I didn't realize how lovely Ooh-La-La is until I used it in this look. I love the finish and I like that it is also made of minerals.


Cheryl Anne said...

That looks great! Can I ask you what you think of the Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Palette? I haven't searched your site yet for a review. I was thinking of hitting CS for one.

Phyrra said...

Black cherry looks lovely on you for this look. I really like Rose Blanc, too.

Askmewhats said...

I love it girl! Whatever you use you look wonderful!!!!

Shades Of U said...

Cheryl Anne- thank you! :) I love the 28 Neutral palette. I like that it has a lot of those "in-between" shades that can be used to blend the highlight and the crease colors or, and solid lid and crease shades as well, and also to blend gradient colors. Used with a good base, the shadows can last a while. I just don't like the chemical-ish smell but I guess that's a pretty small price to pay.

Phyrra and Nikki- aww thanks ladies! I am loving Rose Blanc a lot too!