Rediscovering MAC Pandamonium Quad

Pandamonium quad is one of my favorite MAC quads in my stash. Cloudbound is one of the prettiest highlighter colors I've seen. The marriage of gold/cream is just fantastic, and it really makes the eyes pop and more awake. Pandamonium shadow is also a pretty color, and even though it has been promoted in later collections, I love the combination of colors in this quad. Here is an attempt to incorporate all four shadows. All products MAC unless otherwise noted.

Apply Beige-ing shadestick all over lid and lower lashline. Apply Fresco Rose paint pot using a concealer brush on lid.

Using a shader brush like the 239, apply Up At Dawn on lid.

Apply Violet Trance on outer lid using Japonesque blender brush (similar to the 224 but with a smaller head)

Using the same Japonesque brush, apply Grape pigment on outer V and crease, blending into Violet Trance.

Apply Pandamonium on crease using the 219 pencil brush, then blend using the 222 going inwards. Apply Cloudbound on browbone and inner corners. Using the 219, apply Violet Trance on inner to mid lower lashline, and Grape on mid to outer lower lashline. Apply Almay liquid eyeliner on upper lashline. Tightline and waterline using Victoria Secret eyeliner in Black Velvet. Apply mascara.

Camellia Rose skin-smoothing primer V.2
DreamWorld mineral foundation in Theia and Amenti (50-50 mix) (Luna formula)
DermaBlend Quickfix concealer in Ivory
Bare Escentuals Well Rested over DermaBlend on undereye area
DreamWorld creme topping in Angel (silk formula)
MAC Petalpoint blush
MAC Taupe blush to contour

MAC Whirl lipliner
MAC lipstick in Syrup
MAC dazzleglass in Rags to Riches


Tracy said...

This is a really lovely purple look. Great job!

gio said...

That quad is so pretty. I love the look you did with it.

Reader said...

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Anonymous said...

WOW - I have NEVER seen anyone make the Pandamonium quad look THAT gorgeous. I am in awe. :)