Green By Nature: Eco-Friendly Yet Affordable Beauty

Have you ever wondered why some supposedly eco-friendly products are quite expensive? Is it because it really costs a lot to be a little kinder to the environment? There are some all-natural products I see in the market that are a little too steep-priced for those with limited budgets especially in today's economy, but I am so glad I have stumbled on this amazing line of eco-friendly, natural products that won't break the bank. I also love that these are over 95% natural, and free of parabens, sulfates, DEA, petroleum, propylene glycol, sacchrine, dioxin, and phthalate. Best of all, these are really great products that work well and, take care of your skin and your environment at the same time.

Green By Nature sums up its philosophy below:

Green by Nature™ is an all natural bath and body care line, created with you and the environment in mind. All our products are over 95% natural, and free of parabens, sulfates, DEA, petroleum, propylene glycol, sacchrine, dioxin, and phthalate. Infused with beneficial plant extracts, essential oils and botanical essences, our line includes body lotions, body butters, body washes, body scrubs, lip butters and lip glazes, all in delectable natural flavors such as almond cocoa, mint green tea and banana shea. High standards are our core values. Each and every ingredient is carefully chosen, with health, environment and necessity in mind.

Every product is:
100% free of Parabens, Sulfates, DEA, petroleum, Propylene glycol, Sacchrine, Dioxin, and Phthalate

Why Paraben free? While preservatives in personal care products are necessary, all of them not created equal. Parabens, the most common preservative found in 95% of all moisturizers, gels and shampoos, are a suspected cancer-causing agent in women. All Green by Nature products are 100% free of parabens. Natural preservatives created from citrus fruits are used to keep our formula fresh and safe to use.

Why Sulfate free? Sulfates are a common chemical used in most cleansing products such as body wash and hand wash. It is a harsh detergent that strips away the skin’s natural protective barrier and causes irritations. None of our personal wash products contain sulfates.

Why DEA free? DEA (Diethanolamine) is a chemical frequently used in foaming cleansers to provide foam richness. It is believed that during the manufacturing process DEA can form cancer-causing nitrates.

We might ask: Why should I use natural skincare products?
We eat organic to avoid toxins sprayed on our fruits and vegetables, yet slather on body lotions and washes that contain equally harmful ingredients. The skin is your largest organ - take the same care as you do with the food you eat and use products that do not contain any harsh chemicals or potential toxins. A good rule of thumb: skip any products that contain parabens, sulfates, DEA, Phtalate and propylene glycol in the ingredient list.

Aren't all chemicals safe if they are sold in the US?
Consumers are unaware that the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate ingredients found in personal care products. Without any safety testing, it's unclear what the long-term effects of these industrial chemicals have on our body. Be confident and play it safe by using all natural ingredients that derive from the earth and are grown with sustainable resources.

How can the products I use affect the environment?
Not only are the harmful chemicals in personal care products affecting humans; they are also disturbing animals, their habitat and our environment. Contaminated water from soaps and shampoos are taken from sinks and showers and flow directly into our streams or rivers. Consequently, poor water quality and unhealthy marine life are a result of the daily choices that we make.

Fortunately, we DO have a choice. Green By Nature is here and they promise to use quality, earth-friendly ingredients and packaging in all their products. I have tried these products and I am amazed at how well they work, nothwithstanding the lack of chemicals that are in almost every commercially made personal care product. Best of all, they are affordable and are readily available at your neighborhood Target store.

Body Butter
Our body butter is a rich blend of beneficial natural ingredients. the effective formula moisturizes dry skin and helps restore its healthy vitality.
4.40 fl. oz.

My take: The body butter is an assault to the senses: smells wonderfully of the purest scents found in nature, and it is also thick and emollient and does wonders on cracked and peeling, scaly skin. I love that it is a pretty hefty tub that will last you quite a while. An effective, 97.6% natural (heck, make it all-natural!) product for $11.99 - how can you go wrong?

Lip Butter:

Our lip butter is formulated with rich flavors and nourishing emollient oils. it maintains moisture and provides effective protection against chapped lips.
0.15 oz
100% paraben-free

My take: Honestly, when I saw the prices of these products, I was amazed and pleasantly surprised. These are products from a company that strives to give the public the purest, most natural personal care stuff in the market, and yet they don't jack up the price just because they are supposed to be eco-friendly and chemical-free. For $2.99, the lip butter moisturizes my lips and makes it ready for my daily lipstick/gloss application, and makes them supple throughout the day as it protects them from dryness.

Total Body Scrub

Our uniquely formulated body scrub is full of natural and finely grounded exfoliates. It effectively and gently removes dead skin and grime, leaving the skin smooth and revitalized.

100% Paraben Free.
5.0 fl. oz

My take: I like the subtle mint tea scent (you can choose from different scents like almond cocoa, banana shea and mint green tea), and this is an effective exfoliant to slough your skin of dead skin and dirt. It replenishes the skin with moisture and when I use them on my feet, the yucky, scaly skin is replaced with soft and supple ankles and soles of the feet. Again, take a look at the price! It is a pretty hefty tub with lots of product, natural, and most of all, affordable.

Body Lotion
Our nourishing, lightweight body lotion is ideal for all skin types. it is full of rich emollients that work gently to hydrate skin and lock in moisture. deliciously scented with natural ingredients, it is a perfect moisturizer for daily body care.

100% Paraben Free.
7.4 fl. oz.

My take: It is indeed lightweight and less emollient than the body butter, but this is great during summer or for those who can't take heavy lotions or body butters on their skin. I honestly prefer the Banana Shea scent over the Mint Green Tea although both smell pleasantly of nature's by-products. I love to layer my Banana Shea lotion after I use my Banana Shea body wash.

Total Body Wash

Our all natural body wash is sure to add a refreshing zest to everyday showers. The gentle lather leaves skin vibrantly clean while the rich fragrance stimulates the sense for a luxurious aromatherapy experience.

100% Paraben Free.
100% DEA Free.
100% Sulfate Free.
7.4 fl. oz

My take: I really like the pump design especially for those manic mornings when I can't be bothered with lids and flip tops. I pump two squirts on my bath puff and it effectively cleans my entire body. As I said, I love the wonderful banana scent.

Hand Cream

Our nourishing hand cream is enriched with vitamin E and aloe. A luxurious blend of jojoba, almond and avocado oils saturate the skin leaving it soft and supple.

100% Paraben Free
3.0 oz.


My take: Love has the right balance of emollient properties that effectively soothe dry, rough hands and cuticles, yet it is not greasy or sticky on the skin, which is good especially if you work with your hands all the time. It is also compact enough to place in your car's compartment, office desk drawer or purse.

All in all, this is a wonderful line of products that are eco and pocket-friendly, and are also quite effective. I highly recommend all the products I've tried. Maybe in time, they could add some more natural scent variants, but all in all, I loved everything.


aphotog said...

Great tip! I'm so cash strapped and was trying to figure out what to do after learning my Eucrin causes higher incidents of skin cancer. And Tarjet is MY store, thanks mucho!

Tourmaline2777 said...

These products look cook! I gonna have to check them out! Thanks.