Pow Wow in Cali: Bloggers' Night Out

I am back home! I have work tomorrow (ugh), but I can't turn in without posting these pics. I am very honored to have been part of an amazing night-out with uber-gorgeous ladies from Blogger land, and I couldn't believe that I was at the right place at the right time. I finally met Vanessa (who doesn't know this amazing lady?), and she is just as warm, sweet and bubbly in real life. We also thought of the same things while we were chatting about stuff - truly great minds think alike. =P Nessa, soooo happy to have finally met you! Since I'm in Cali anyway every couple of months or so, I am thinking it won't be the last time I'd see you. :)

Anyways, we dined at the Rock Sugar Pan Asian Kitchen on Santa Monica Blvd. in Century City. Now I am used to driving long distances, but weaving through the clogged arteries of the Los Angeles freeways really took a toll on my nerves. The different freeways I had to use to reach my destination were dizzying, to say the least, and driving alone from Chino Hills to Century City at night for the first time, especially for someone like me who doesn't know the California freeways since I'm from out-of-state, was a tad daunting. But the food, conversations and especially the company were so worth it. My trusty GPS also made my travel so much easier and helped me arrive at the venue on time and in one piece.

The lovely ladies in attendance were Yummiebitez aka Anne, Incandescent aka Helen, MzxJoey aka Joey with friend Drea, NessasaryMakeup aka Nessa, BeautyIsAndrogynous aka Mimi, Fuzkittie aka Rajia with her boyfriend, Jackie aka J.Rose and her friend Ceejay, and last but definitely not the least, the sizzling hot hostess for the night, Pink aka Pam with her boyfriend Cliff. I just cannot believe how amazing these ladies are. I actually first met Anne in the reception area of the restaurant, and she looked so fresh and pretty. Then I met Jackie, another gorgeous lady who was very friendly and who actually lived near where I was staying in Cali. Pink truly lived up to her role as hostess; her charisma was palpable from the start and she really made everyone feel at ease. She gave us all a wonderful remembrance of the pow wow - we each got a NARS Turkish Delight gloss and Liquid Candlelight Face and Body Glow from Laura Geller. Not to be outdone, Nessa gave each of us a boxful of goodies, which was very sweet of her. We had a Yankee Swap as well and I got the Monistat Anti-Chafing gel from Nessa. It was such a hilarious night!

I can't capture the dinner in words, so here are some pics. Again, ladies, it was such a pleasure to meet all of you, especially since we are bound by a common love for makeup. I had to leave early, but it was nice knowing that some of you went on to enjoy the rest of the early morning.

Anne, Pam, moi, Nessa

Anne, Pam, moi, Nessa and Jackie

Anne, Joey, Nessa, me

one of the delicious dishes we feasted on (OMG, the food kept arriving non-stop! We were so stuffed!)

Rajia's boyfriend doing the honor of placing our names in a bowl for the Yankee swap

Our uber-hot hostess with the names while her man looks on

Joey talking about her holy grail item that she gave to Rajia

The "grand prize" for the night - the "neck massager"

Shades Of U and Nessasary Makeup

Anne, Pam, me, Nessa and Jackie

Nessa's goodie bag for everyone

inside Nessa's goodie bag

Pink (Pam)'s giveaway for everyone

Everyone wearing (and showing off) the NARS Turkish Delight gloss


divinexjanice said...

I am loving your blog! I stumbled upon it while googling Meow Cosmetics NC30 to try and find out what my shade would be. If you are taking request, could you do a post reviewing all mineral foundations that youve tried? I noticed you tried alot from different companies. Keep up the great blog!

missxxmai said...

you ladies are alll gorgeous! seems like you guys had fun. great pictures! (=

Anonymous said...

wow that looks fun! hope we can do that too when you hit Manila! :D

Anne @ yummiebitez.com said...

its definitely been a pleasure to finally meet the mineral makeup queen bee!!! i had so much fun and finally meeting you in the flesh! I hope that won't be the last of it! Shoot hit me up as well when you're going to be down here for a visit... and girlll...you better move down here as well :).

I hope you enjoyed your brief stay here in killa Cali!

jamie said...

wow..nice evening..and the goodies!! :O

gio said...

Lovely pix. Looks like you had a great time!

Ethereal Prey said...

wow, looks like you ladies had a great and fun and fabulous night! wish I was there!

CeeJae said...

Hey girl! It was so good meeting you on Friday =) a definitely must do again when you come down to Cali!

Crystal Gale said...

that's a great night sis..i hope i could meet you and nessa too! haha =D

mandilicious said...

ooh..i am so jealous!..you got to meet them gorgeous ladies..take me with you next time..lol..

Natural Care said...

WOW, everything was awfully gorgeous.

Roxy said...

aww everyone is so pretty =]

Vanessa <3 said...

looks like you had fun!! your outfit is super cute!

Tracy said...

I'm so bummed that I missed out! It looks like you all had a blast! How great it must have been to meet everyone. I hope I'll be around for the next one!

Shades Of U said...

Thanks everyone! I agree, those women are gorgeous with a capital G, and very warm and welcoming as well. I am glad I was able to come. Hope to meet the rest of you someday!

Karen said...

Wow! That looks like such a fun night. I wish I could have gone, but I'm up here in SF. Everyone looks so cute in the group picture at the bottom.

Jaclyn Rose said...

Aileen! It was sooo nice meeting you. I know I'm all late in commenting. =) forgive me! I must meet your little man next time your down here. Let me know when you're in the area again, we could meet up.

Now it's time for me to read through your blog entries and get to know you a little more. I've added you to my google reader so I can keep up.

Take care!