MAC Blonde's Gold Pigment, Aromaleigh's Eye Lustres, and Rihanna's Hair

I just bought my MAC Overrich pigment in Blonde's Gold yesterday, and I am waiting for my trusty pigment seller to send me the other six (not including Mauvement because I have it) in 1/2 teaspoon samples. Okay, just about every MAC afficionado has read/heard about the hullaballoo concerning the Overrich pigment sizes/weight. The rumor is that these new Overrich pigments are different from the rest in the sense that they are richer and heavier than the others, so the jars are not as full when you receive them, since these are sold by weight and not by volume. I got confused though by the claims (which were confirmed by MAC when they changed the weight on the website) that the pigments were 4.3g instead of 7.5g. Is one of these figures based on weight and the other on volume? Anyways, here is a pic of the brand-new pigment I got. I read from forums that certain ladies were pretty satisfied with their purchase because the jars they got were 3/4 full. I'd tell them though to give their jars a couple of good whacks on their countertop and they would see, after the pigments have settled, that these are just a little over half-full:

A little off-putting, but well, Blonde's Gold Pigment is SO gorgeous that I just had to get a full-size. This is more than enough to last me for years, anyway (although since I would use this as a lid color, I think I would go through this quicker than my other pigments). It reminds me of Warming Trend eyeshadow from the Naughty Nauticals collection. I love Warming Trend as an all-over lid color, and Blonde's Gold is another beauty that I couldn't resist. I'm wearing it right now and it's just so pretty, it has taupe-gold undertones that give an understated shimmer to the skin.

I think this would also look beautiful as a highlighter on cheekbones. Gorgeousness!

Aromaleigh had their Eye Lustres on sale last week. This is the only eyeshadow collection that I haven't tried, apart from their mattes, so I got samples of the entire Eye Lustre collection. I've also seen some remarkable EOTDs using these (check out the Aromaleigh gallery on their site), so I can't wait to try these out. By the way, they also ship internationally now so check it out!

On Sampling Small Cosmetic Companies

I received a message from a lady expressing her wariness and concern about ordering samples from online cosmetic companies, as she is not used to and is quite wary about cosmetics in small baggies. I tried to assure her that I am not getting some crappy makeup products to put on my face. In fact, it is the exact opposite: I have very acne-prone, sensitive skin, and I just cannot slap on every cake and liquid foundation I find on the market because the fillers, parabens, preservatives and what-not more often than not wreak havoc on my skin. The products I get from small online companies are pure, unadulterated natural makeup (except of course some shadows that contain synthetic materials) that are purer than some out there in the mainstream market. I've tried some drugstore (and even department store) products that have more crap in their ingredients compared to the small company-owned products that have only 2 to 5 ingredients, and all of them natural.

I also do my homework when it comes to ordering from small mineral makeup companies. I always go to makeup boards and see which ones have really good reviews, then I do some sampling. This technique made me discover buried treasure when it comes to makeup. Also, I only buy from companies I trust. Aromaleigh is a 5-star Yahoo merchant, Dayna of Dayna's Minerals uses her own minerals and also her daughter uses them, and you really know minerals are of good quality when the owners themselves use them, because you won't put anything on your face that you don't trust in. DreamWorld has earned HUGE raves online and the products speak for themselves. These are just some of the products I enjoy using everyday that never broke my sensitive skin out, that are of good quality and really affordable. I hope many would get over the initial feeling of wariness and plunge into the wonderful world of small mineral makeup companies. It's one of the best beauty-related decisions I've made. ;)

Lastly, I really want to have my hair cut like Rihanna's in her Take a Bow video. I love the song, I love Rihanna, and I love her hair (and makeup)! Obviously, I am a big fan of short hair styles, but I don't know if this would suit me because I have baby-fine hair. Is it a yay or nay?


Tammy said...

I just ordered an eyeshadow palette that has 120 colors and as soon as I saw those pigment samples I knew I had to order them. Thanks for feeding my

I think the Rihanna haircut would suit you..u can wear it parted and to the side to be conservative, wild for the weekends, and slightly messy for the sexy look..I think I analyzed that way too much..haha

Tracy said...

I'm also all-for the smaller companies when it comes to mineral makeup. I've made the switch, and I know my skin is thanking me for it. Less is definitely more when it comes to makeup ingredients. My skin would feel clogged and congested with the mainstream products I've used in the past.

Rihanna looks smoking hot in that video, and I love the short hair she's rocking. I think it would suit you. My hair is super-fine, and I used to sport the uber-short Posh cut. I would recommend using some sort of texturing product so that your hair doesn't look flat. I used Paul Mitchell's Spray Wax.

Jamila said...

I haven't tried Aromaleigh yet. I don't know what I am waiting for. Every time I see a pic of your baggies I start lusting for them all over again.

Anne @ said...

haha hi seatmate! thanks for that compliment about my makeup during the pow wow. it means a lot coming from the mineral makeup queen beee!!

haha but yaa... no foundation or powder lately. part of it is due to my laziness in the morning and lack of time. lol. so I guess this is the only time that laziness is ever good. I just lay off on face powders in general because of fear that my face might break havoc lol. I need a mattifying powder cuz my face does tend to get oily sometimes. just don't know where I'll be getting that yet lol.

anyway, more mineral makeup!!! whooo! danggit that's a lot though! I can only imagine how your makeup stash look like. you should do a post on that :)

p.s. I hope you visit soon!!

Christal said...

hey girl, I too have baby fine hair like yours. I just got it cut today, it looks similar to rihanna's except that I have it a bit longer on the sides. This cut is ALL about the front bangs. I would totally suggest this cut for you it would help give volume and texture to your bangs, give it some life. DO IT and show us the pics. DONT BE AFRAID!

mandilicious said...

i was pretty upset about the half-full pigment jars..I only got Heritage Rouge and Antique Green. And i'll probably only buy samples for the other ones..but where do you buy 1/2 teaspoon samples?..and how much?

Estelle said...

I'm quite wary of these home-prepared, natural-ingredient products from cottage-industries because they are not subject to the carefully monitored standards for hygiene and quality control of commercially prepared cosmetics. In addition, they often do not contain preservatives to prevent the growth of micro-organisms.

Shades Of U said...

Tammy- lol, thanks for analyzing! I really need second (and third and fourth) brains to analyze objectively for me. :)

tracy-thanks for the heads-up on the Paul Mitchell spay wax, I was precisely looking for some product to add more body to my flat hair!

anne- lucky lucky girl! I wish my skin's so low-maintenance like that! Good thing my hair's wash-and-wear short so that's less fuss. -)

jamila- a few samples wouldn't hurt! :) they're very affordable anyway.

mandi- I get them from this girl from MUA. E-mail me and I'll give the name to you. :)

Christal - aww thanks, you give me hope! I know it's all about the BANGS, I'm still gathering some courage but I'm almost there. :)

Estelle- to each her own, and so far I've never experienced any flare ups with the mineral makeup I'm using, and quite on the contrary, some of the prettily boxed up products are the ones that break me out. By the way, mineral makeup will never need preservatives because these are INERT, inorganic materials from the earth. They will never breed bacteria (except when water is introduced) and don't have expiration dates.

Pia said...

Hey Aileen!!
We have such similar taste.. but they say great minds think alike. :). I am very much with you on Blonde's Gold. It's the only pigment I dare get an entire jar of. I squealed with excitement and told my husband that this was the color I was always looking for. He frowned because the color is simple, but the fact it wasn't over shimmery, chunky, cool or warm is what gives it that special touch.

On another note, I think you'd be able to pull the Rihanna look just fine!!

Hope you are doing well!!

Askmewhats said...

Hi Aileen, thanks for the lovely comment, I am using BE (bare escentuals) on that photo :( My first and only MMU foundation and I didn't like it much coz it turned dark on me. But with a swap, I've used Everyday minerals and OH MY GOODNESS< I've been missing out so much on MMU foundations! Now i'm dead! lol

I love the e/s colors you have from aromaleigh, they all look lovely to play with!!!

lovemakeup said...

I love your blog. I don't try mineral makeup unless you've reviewed it =] haha.

And, I think you'll be able to pull off the hairdo! Try it! Hair always grows out (eventually).

Looking forward to more great blogs!


Vanessa said...

I think that haircut would look SOOOO adorable on you! I was thinking of cutting my hair short but I dunno....I am the type of gal that would miss my long hair after awhile...and I love Blonde's Gold TOO! Boo on the size difference (or weight difference I should day), but they are too pretty to pass up! I love Heritage Rouge too!

tokyostargirl said...

You have the most eyeshadow samples I have ever seen!

Toma said...

I totally agree! If anyone is scared to order from small MMU companies, think about it like this: I would rather buy a small amount of a product and try it first. At least with the baggies, if you don't like it you can pitch it without feeling guilty. I have had only positive results from ordering from small companies. They are grateful for your business and usually go above and beyond to show their appreciation for you ordering.

Chrissy said...

Hi! Where do you order your Mac pigment samples from?