Aromaleigh and My Mineral Blush Collection: I Want Candy

I got my Aromaleigh loot (and a few more coming), and whenever I look at them, they remind me of candy. I love the colors, the textures, the vibrancy and the sheer ease in application of these pigments. I also included some pigment swatches.

My mountain of Aromaleigh pigment samples

Full sizes under natural light without flash

With flash

Some swatches applied over MAC Soft Ochre paint pot

My Mineral Blush Collection

Some of you have been asking about my mineral blush collection. I used to collect NARS and Cargo blushes, but I've begun to gravitate towards mineral blushes lately. Here are my full sizes and my samples of these blushes. I also love that they last forever (no expiration date).

Full sizes, except my J.Lynne generous samples that are taking me forever to finish

Must Have Minerals (MHM) was the old name of Lumiere.

The little pots in the second to the last row marked "Joyous Jennifer", "Thistle", "Secret" were bought from Corina of Colorful Sprinkles, before she stopped selling Bare Escentuals. These are generous 1/4 tsp samples of Bare Escentuals blushes.

Joppa blush samples

More Cory blushes from a more recent purchase

And lastly, I haven't posted a picture yet of my MAC Cool Heat eyeshadows together, so here they are (love the colors!):

Correction: Solar Heat should read Solar White.


Aarti said...

hi there! I've been lurking around your blog, but never got around to posting a comment cus i'm lazy. Lol! I think you're fantastic!- you have great make up skills & plus it's really interesting to read what you have to say :)

So i was just wondering if Gulf Stream & Blue Flames are worth getting from the Cool Heat collection? I don't have deep truth or any dupes of the various other colors, but when i swatched these two colors, i found them to be, i dunno, not so rich? I think it might have to do with the testers, it had been swatched so much that there was a hard layer of e/s coating each color. So please do let me know what you think k? Thanks loads :)

Love from Singapore!

nywele said...

great collection
enjoy your goodies :)

tonkabeane said...

Holy Cow! I wish I had half the number of blushes you have! I'm so envious!

gio said...

What a great collection you have!

Nell said...

Hi, I´m also a longtime lurker, but your blush collection got me out of hiding! i love your blog and your make up skills!!! Thanks for your effort!
I read that you used to collect NARS blushes, do you think you could post a picture of those? I´m currently obsessed with these and would love to see your collection (and maybe swatches? but now I am being impudent)
Thanks so much,
all the best,

shades of hue said...

Hi aarti! I think if you don't have any of the dupe colors yet, go get these two. The only shadow I don't recommend from this collection is Warm Chill because the pay-off is really next to nothing, but the rest have really good pigmentation and the slip is buttery and these shadows are easy to apply. It also helps to apply a good base like shadesticks or paint pots. Delft paint pot or lucky jade shadestick really deepens the colors of these shadows and makes them look super vibrant. Thanks for visiting! =)

nywele and tonkabeane - thank you! =)

nell - I only have I think 4 or 5 NARS blushes because I gave away/swapped the others, but I will post pics, including my Cargo blushes which hardly receive any love from me recently as I am more into MAC and mineral blushes nowadays. Thanks for visiting!

Ria Lim said...

Wow! nice collection! :)
Can't have more than enough blushes! :)

- Ria (cluelessss8 of gtalk)

shades of hue said...

Ria- OMG, if my memory serves me right, my collection is nothing compared to your NARS and BE blush collection!