Another MAC Cool Heat (Neutral) Look and Haulage

First of all, I am so sorry for the lack of posts lately; I was out-of-town last weekend and when I came back, I got slammed with work that I didn't know what to do first. But I am back!

Here is a neutral look I used using the Cool Heat neutral shadows. I used Warming Trend packed on the lid using the MAC 252 brush (how did I live without this brush? The color pay-off when using this is fantastic!), then I used Mulch on the crease, Tempting above the crease, and Solar White to highlight and on inner corners. I just LOVE Solar White, I think I like this better than Femme-Fi. I applied Almay liquid liner on the upper lashline and Brownborder technakohl liner on waterline. I also used one of my favorite MAC blushes, Petalpoint, and Syrup lipstick.

Here is another look using the same lipstick, but I don't know what I used for the rest. Haha.

Then I got my Aromaleigh loot! Woohoo! I was so excited to finally see my full-size Elemental Lustres and Pure Hues. I am also very happy to see the samples I ordered- the colors are just breathtaking and I can't wait to try them. Best of all, for those in the U.S., Aromaleigh is having a 15% off sale of the entire store until June 19th. Coupon code is MOVE15. So move, move, move, before your favorite colors are gone!

To show how amazing the pigmentation of these shadows is, here are some swatches of the colors I got full sizes of (Elemental Lustres and Pure Hues). Take note, these were swatched dry with no base underneath, and yet the fantastic pigment still shone through. I also included my favorite DreamWorld shadow in Lancelot's Sword.

Another shot:

Here's another loot from one of my favorite mineral makeup companies, DreamWorld. I got full sizes of Amenti foundation in the Luna formula, and Butter and Butterscotch creme toppings. I got Butter in the silk formula and Butterscotch in the clay and silica formula. I am loving both!! Ellie was so nice to include pixie sizes (but they actually hold a lot of product) of her new lippies in the Nectar formula for free. I got Tinker's Treasure and Pixie Sunshine (pardon the dirty labels; they got banged around pretty bad in my makeup kit).

I also got samples of all the colors in DreamWorld's Camelot world. I'm loving Lancelot's Sword, as well as the other gorgeous colors.


Anonymous said...

Solar White, why don't they make this permanent. Sometimes I wonder about MAC, some colors that are popular in the collections based on sales should become permanent for at least 1 year, then discard.


Vanessa said...

Nice haul! I got the full size Elemental Lustre in Alloy and I love it! All the other colors look awesome too!

gio said...

Nice haul, love the colors, they're beautiful!

Jessica said...

Love the colors!

shades of hue said...

anonymous- I so agree, Solar White should be permanent! It's really one of my top favorite MAC highlighters.

vanessa- I am pretty sure you are rocking the Elemental Lustres- they would sure look good on you!

gio and jessica - thank you! =)