My Bridal Makeup Attempt: A Step-by-Step Illustration

When I was in New Jersey, I roadtested a bridal look for my cousin Jewelyn who is getting married next month. I used MAC eyeshadows that were bought specifically for her wedding (as recommended by a MAC makeup artist), as well as some products from my own personal collection. I was a little intimidated by the fact that (a) I am not a professional makeup artist; (b) this is probably just the third or fourth time I've ever done full makeup application on somebody other than myself, (c) I did the whole thing at night without the benefit of natural light, and (d) every step was being documented by her groom using his camera. That said, I did the best I could and if there were some mistakes, I do admit to them; but given the limited lighting, I tried my best to work under not-so-ideal conditions. Nonetheless, she and her mom liked the result. Some products would be tweaked as the big day nears, but this is more or less going to be her look. It was also a good thing that she has beautiful skin; I didn't waste much time in concealing blemishes.

Start with clean, moisturized face. I also primed her face using Camellia Rose skin-smoothing primer v.2.

Using Jewelyn's own Everyday Minerals kabuki brush, I used DreamWorld mineral foundation in Tethys (Sands formula), using the swirl, tap, spritz (using MAC Fix+ moisture spray) and buff technique. I did two layers of foundation.

I applied Mary Kay Signature concealer in Ivory using my fingers to hide undereye circles.

Using a concealer brush, I applied Bare Minerals Well Rested undereye concealer over Mary Kay. I carefully blended until it looked seamless.

This is my key product for this bridal look. Instead of the usual finishing powder like mineral veil, I used Cargo's new and innovative Blu Ray high definition pressed powder made specifically for high definition film and photography. This is how it is described at

What it does:
Created to provide flawless results while looking completely natural during high-definition filming, blu_ray™ Pressed Powder contains specialized photochromatic pigments that adjust with the light so that your base makeup always looks perfect regardless of lighting or setting.

What else you need to know:
Photochromatic pigments adjust with the lighting so that you have natural looking makeup no matter what the setting, while ultra-fine micronized minerals fill the look of fine lines and reduce the appearance of imperfections. An irregular particle size creates light dispersion, an effect that softens the look of the skintone. This oil-free powder is perfect whether you are getting married, going to your prom, having portraits taken, or simply want to look fabulous anytime and comes in a sleek black compact for convenient touch-up on the go.

I normally opt for mineral-based setting powders, but I chose Blu Ray because of my special bridal task. I figured if this product was made specifically for high definition photography, it would help in achieving the flawless look I needed. You be the judge if it actually achieved what it claimed it could do.

If you noticed, I also used my new EcoTools powder brush to apply Blu Ray.

Using a concealer brush, I applied MAC Painterly paint pot as base for her shadows. I blended with my finger to create an even canvas.

Using the MAC 217 brush, I applied MAC Retrospeck eyeshadow on her lid.

Using the 222 brush (not shown), I applied MAC Mulch eyeshadow on her crease. I also blended a little MAC Bronze eyeshadow on the crease after applying it on the outer lid using a shader brush.

I used a shader brush bought at Target to apply MAC Remotely Grey eyeshadow from the N collection on her outer lid.

I blended the crease colors using Sonia Kashuk's blending brush, similar to the MAC 224.

Using my Essence of Beauty fluffy brush, I applied MAC Ricepaper eyeshadow on her browbone.

I filled her brows using my EcoTools angled eyeliner brush and Ardell brow powder.

I applied MAC Stubborn Brown Powerpoint eyeliner (pretty, understated brown) on her upper lashline. I adjusted her shadows, added more color and blended as I deemed fit; cleaned residue using Q-tip and eye makeup remover, re-applied Well Rested.

Curled her lashes, used a mascara base (white primer from Maybelline XXL mascara) and added Avon mascara to plump up her lashes.

How it looks so far.

Using the MAC 169 brush, I contoured her cheeks with MAC Emote blush.

For the life of me, I forget the mineral blush I used on her. I think it's either My Minerals Bath and Body or Silk Naturals blush.

I used Lumiere's angled duo-fibre brush to apply the blush on the apples of her cheeks going slightly upwards.

The ever-gorgeous and my holy grail lipstick - MAC Viva Glam V!

I applied MAC Fafi lipglass in Cult Fave over VGV lipstick

Her wedding look

I leave it up to a real hairdresser to do her hair!

Thanks for looking!


Chris said...

She looks simple yet so elegant! Great job sis! How about some falsie's though? The natural looking ones?

tonkabeane said...

Oh that's a great look for a wedding!!! I'll keep this in mind for when I get married. :)

Naomi-Alecia said...

You did a GREAT job! The look is do simple yet very classic at the same time.

Mrs. Lynne, said...

She looks gorgeous!

shades of hue said...

Chrissy- yup you're absolutely right girl! I did bring some of my falsies but I nixed the idea as it was getting pretty late then. Looking back I should have applied those on her.

tonkabeane, naomi- thank you ladies! Although if I were to do it again I would have used NARS Sin as blush (a deeper berry red) so she wouldn't look too pale; but I think it was a'ight for a first try. :)

Mrs.lynne- I agree, with or without makeup. :)

BeautyTalk said...

Very soft and pretty!

inaykupu said...

Hey Aileen, Excellent job! We have a lot of catching up to do, Mommy. Take care always!

Liz said...

awww.. she looks lovely. great job! :-)

my girl interrupted said...

Wow. Classy and elegant look. Great work.

Jessica, Wedding Hair Stylist said...

Did Good Job. Simply elegant.

Unknown said...

Ate, she looks like Dawn Zulueta po.