Saturday, February 23, 2008

Valerie Beauty and MAD Minerals Haul

Here are some more gorgeous multi-purpose shadows from Valerie Beauty and MAD Minerals. I swear I can't get over how pretty these are. Both were ordered during their respective companies' sales, and I sometimes can't believe I got these minerals at an amazing price. I got Val's Blue Jeans Baby collection and these came with a gorgeous denim tote bag that is just right for laid back, carefree weekends. It's just a pretty tote and I use it to place all my books, magazines, and my son's juice when I bring him to the park to play. The minerals are pretty as well. Regular readers would know how I love Val's shadows because the amazing pigmentation and great staying power, and these new arrivals didn't disappoint. My favorites are Skintight, Stonewashed and Bell Bottom as beautiful washes, and the gorgeous Boot Cut as crease color or liner.

I also got MAD's 20-pc mega sampler of multi-purpose minerals and full-sizes of its gorgeous greens in Spruce and Sultry Green. I admit I wasn't interested in buying MAD multis before because I thought they were cheap, low-quality minerals. Well, they are inexpensive, especially during sales, but these are not low-quality at all. These are very pigmented, fine-quality products, and I am amazed at how generous the full-sizes are. These are PACKED full and without any sifters.

I will be swatching my MAD minerals soon so stay tuned.


Chris said...

Hi Aileen i have a doinky question...Do you leave your eyeshadows in the sample bags they come in? And when you use them you just stick your brush in there? I'm a little clueless about these things.

shades of hue said...

Hi Chris - I actually sprinkle just a tiny bit on a clean, empty stackable jar (or you can use any condiment dish) and add some of my mixing medium. It's much easier and more sanitary to do it that way so you don't introduce water or any other matter to your sample baggies. :)

iamsutil said...

aww...i love MAD pigments, so addicting. im still waiting for my 2-megasampler set. antagalllll :(

standupforme said...

there are so many! I woudln't know what to do with all of them even with samples. lol. I love the colors though. it is really pretty.